This year, David and I are celebrating 35 years of marriage! And for 21 of those 35 years we've been involved with Forward Edge. Help us celebrate!! $1,000 sends one of us Over the Edge, $2,000 and we'll both go! 

... rappelling 140 feet down the beautiful Portland Astoria Apartment Building in downtown Portland! 

Help us continue to help children in some of the world's poorest countries overcome the obstacles of extreme poverty and become all they were created to be!

Through Forward Edge, $1,000 can provide things like:

  • 1,000 nutritious meals for hungry children
  • 800 Medical Check-ups
  • Safe drinking water for 16 families
  • 3 young adults with a semester of college

If $1,000 can do these things,  just think what we can do if we raise more!

Help us get Over The Edge by making a donation to Forward Edge. Together, let's invest in brighter futures for children in need!

We believe passionately in the mission of Forward Edge -- that every child would know their true worth and be given the opportunity they need to pursue God's extraordinary purpose for their lives.