I am stepping Over The Edge for the Children of Forward Edge...

I can't believe it!!  140 feet over to be exact!!

When I think about each child that I have met over the years, I am overwhelmed with a broken heart because of the suffering they experience.  At the same time I am filled with joy knowing that each child has an opportunity  to be changed through the benefits that Forward Edge provides.  

Thats why I am committed to raise at least $1,000 to help children in some of the world's poorest countries overcome the obstacles of extreme poverty and become all they were created to be! In turn, I get to rappel 140 feet down the beautiful Portland Astoria Apartment Building in downtown Portland!

Why $1,000? Because through Forward Edge, $1,000 can provide things like:

  • 1,000 nutritious meals for hungry children
  • 800 Medical Check-ups
  • Safe drinking water for 16 families
  • 3 young adults with a semester of college

If $1,000 can do these things,  just think what we can do if we raised more!

Will you help me get Over The Edge by making a donation to Forward Edge?  Together, let's invest in brighter futures for children in need!

I believe passionately in the mission of Forward Edge -- that every child would know their true worth and be given the opportunity they need to pursue God's extraordinary purpose for their lives.