These are some of the most frequently asked questions among those who participate in this event. If you have other questions, we are happy to help!

  1. How does the registration fee work? 

    We require a registration fee of $50, which will go towards your fundraising minimum. We charge a registration fee since there are a limited number of spots and we are seeking rappellers who are committed to supporting Forward Edge!

  2. What is the minimum & how do teams work?

    Individual Rappeller: Minimum $1000 You can create a team and invite friends, family members and colleagues to join you.  Just remember that each team must collectively raise the equivalent of $1000 per team member. People can donate to the Team Page (donations will be split among existing team members) or to individuals in the team on their individual pages (donations are credited to that individual only).

  3. What if I raise more than the minimum?

    Great Question!  The more we raise, the more children we help! We have really cool incentives to help you raise more.  Check them out in the Fundraising Tool Kit!

  4. Is there a deadline to raise the minimum amount?

    The fundraising deadline is Monday, August 16th. If you have not raised your minimum by this time, you will have the option to rappel by signing credit card guarantee to secure your spot on a rope. You will have until August 31st to raise the rest of your minimum. If you still have not raised your minimum, on September 1st, your card will be charged the difference between what has been raised and the minimum.

  5. Is there an age requirement?

    People of any age can participate in an Over the Edge event. However, anyone under the age of 18 requires a parent or guardian signature on the legal waiver, as well as a parent or guardian on site the day of the event.

  6. Is there a weight requirement?

    Over the Edge's equipment safety standards require that people must be between 100 and 300 pounds to rappel safely.

  7. Do I need to have rappelling experience to participate?

    None at all! We will train you and help you to feel comfortable on event day. All you need is the courage to step Over the Edge in support of Forward Edge!

  8. Number of Total Rappelling Spots:  90

  9. How far will I be rappelling? 10 Stories (140 Ft)

  10. What time will I rappel on August 21?

    Two weeks before the event, you will receive your scheduled time to rappel. You may request a morning or afternoon slot once you have reached your fundraising minimum! (Please note we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate specific times.)

  11. What if it rains on August 21?

    We plan to rappel rain or shine! However, thunder, lightning, or high winds can cause a weather delay or a postponement of the event to the next day.

  12. Where should I park on the day of the event?

    There are several parking garages in the area as well as some street parking.  The garages around the building run between $10-14 to park. Portland also has many "Smart Park"  garages a few blocks away that charge about $1.80 per hour.

  13. What will the day of the Over The Edge event be like?

    Rappelling begins at 9am and ends at 5pm. See the Event Day Preparation Guide for more information about what to expect.

  14. Can my supporters pay with a check?

    Yes! You can collect checks made payable to Forward Edge International and send them to the address below. These donations will be input manually and will be reflected in your fundraising total! Be sure to write the rappeler's name on the memo line and mail to:

Forward Edge International 

Attn:  OTE or DaLynn Oglesby 

PO BOX 1510 

Brush Prairie, WA 98606 

If you have other questions, please email them to DaLynn Oglesby at dalynnoglesby@forwardedge.org