I'm scared of heights!

This is my project.  I plan the events for Forward Edge, and part of the planning for this one included taking pictures of the Portland Astoria building from the bottom up, and from the top down.  Bottom up was easy. I got a little dizzy but I took the shot, no problem.  Next...the top down photo. Yikes!  I could barely get close enough to  the edge to take the photo even though there was a thick wall guarding my safety.  As my body pressed against solid brick up to my arm pit, and I held my camera over the edge to take the required photo, my heart began beating faster than ever.  Adrenaline rushed though my body, and my hands shook so much that I was afraid I would drop my phone. I took a deep breath, choked a little, then finally took the shot.  WOW!  I had no idea just how bad it was... I am AFRAID of heights, and my whole body responded to this natural fear!

So, why would I willingly step off a building over 140 feet tall?  Well, each day I come to work and hear stories of how children live in constant fear that there may not be food to eat today, or tomorrow...that the water they drink might make them sick...that if they get sick, there will be no medicine.  I hear stories of girls that fear that life will never be different, fall for men who promise something better, who leave them with babies they fear they will not be able to feed.

But each day I also hear other stories...stories about children who come to our programs and fill their bellies to the brim...about food baskets and hygiene kits distributed in their communities...about access to thousands of liters of clean water...access to education, medicine, hope and hugs!  I hear stories about lives changed and fears dispelled!

So, really...why would I do this?  I am going to do this to conquer my needless fear to raise money for the programs of Forward Edge that help children and their families continue to have HOPE, not fear!

That's why I'm stepping Over The Edge for Forward Edge...

I am committed to raise at least $1,000 to help children in some of the world's poorest countries overcome the obstacles of extreme poverty and become all they were created to be! In turn, I get to rappel 140 feet down the beautiful Portland Astoria Apartment Building in downtown Portland!

Why $1,000? Because through Forward Edge, $1,000 can provide things like:

  • 1,000 nutritious meals for hungry children
  • 800 Medical Check-ups
  • Safe drinking water for 16 families
  • 3 young adults with a semester of college

If $1,000 can do these things,  just think what we can do if we raised more!

Will you help me get Over The Edge by making a donation to Forward Edge?  Together, let's invest in brighter futures for children in need!

I believe passionately in the mission of Forward Edge -- that every child would know their true worth and be given the opportunity they need to pursue God's extraordinary purpose for their lives.