“My sister Karen invited me to step off of the edge in Portland on behalf of the kids she met during her travels to the mission in Oaxaca Mexico. She brought back pictures and stories of families whose lives are being changed by this ministry. With a brick-making machine, they put the men to work building homes to take the place of scrap metal dwellings. Employment changes a life. 

The moms are taught baking and handcrafts for income. 

The kids enter the gates, are given a vitamin and then can go through the food line as many times as they want because many of them have little or no food outside of the mission gates. 

Many families have lost the dad because he leaves to find work and doesn't make it back. By this mission’s work, in the southernmost state in Mexico, we can help the border crisis, they can improve their living conditions where they are and not have to leave their home in search of a better life for their families. 

Kids must stay in school to receive the mission benefits. My sister was amazed at how this ministry is so effective. All donations directly impact the kids and families and are not used for people who travel on their own money to help out, like my sister. Your gift is solely for the mission, my rappel is reserved. Yes I'm a thrill seeker (the first lean off the building is terrifying, ha!) but what thrills me the most is seeing our community come together to feed hungry children, to know that they receive hope, that together we can do so much more than any one of us can do alone. Every gift counts! Will you join me, over and above, not on the roof, (ha) —with a generous gift?


Thank you for loving the kids and giving from your heart! As always I’m honored to be in a community that has so much love, and cares so much.!” —Bki

Details below.

I am stepping Over The Edge for Forward Edge...

To rappel 140 feet down the beautiful Portland Astoria Apartment Building in downtown Portland.

I am committed to raise at least $5,000 to help children in some of the world's poorest countries overcome the obstacles of extreme poverty and become all they were created to be! 

Why $5,000? Because through Forward Edge, $5,000 can provide things like:

  • 5,000 nutritious meals for hungry children
  • 4,000 Medical Check-ups
  • Safe drinking water for 80 families

If $5,000 can do these things,  just think what we can do if we raised more!

Together, let's invest in brighter futures for children in need!

I believe passionately in the mission of Forward Edge -- that every child would know their true worth and be given the opportunity they need to pursue God's extraordinary purpose for their lives.